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Frontier service or lack thereof

So last week I called Frontier to complain about my internet service yet again. I’ve been calling regularly for almost a year now and they have come to the house a few times and replaced routers and lines, etc. The last time the truck was in our driveway for a few minutes and the guy never rang the doorbell. He just left and I didn’t hear anything. I called and left a message for a supervisor and heard nothing.
I guess when the tech support guy said someone would call me back within 48 hours but they usually call within the hour, I shouldn’t have expected much.
It has been a week.
Really, do they not want my money? I was calling to ask about getting two lines in the house because we’re all on the internet and I want to stream movies.
I WISH we had choices here, because my choice would not be Frontier.
As it is, my internet service is really slow and it keeps disconnecting. I know I’m on a mountain, but we’re close to town, not 15 miles outside of nowhere.

Seriously, can I get some service here?

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