Big Box Retail

I started as a part-time cashier at nights so I could still homeschool my kids. As soon as they figured out I had a brain and could do more than rote tasks (a few weeks), I worked on the service desk. Then we were moving to a larger store and the Photo Lab Manager begged me to work for her. That was a no-brainer and I liked challenges, but as a joke I told her I would only accept the position if she would get down on her knees at the next store meeting and beg. She did! I was JOKING, really. All I remember about her is she tended to panic and she kept wanting me to work full-time hours even after I explained that my kids were my priority. She begged me for about six months to work more hours, and I was tired of it all, so I quit.

I wasn’t done with that Big Box chain, though. It would come back to haunt me and to help me at the same time.

More to come….

About authorlindaruequinn

I write short stories in several genres; inspirational, nonfiction humor and mystery/suspense fiction. My novels are strictly suspense at this point.

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