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Turning back to God

I never really “left” God, but His importance in my life has not been where he should be. This election has caused me to do some soulsearching and I’m going back to church tomorrow. I used work as an excuse to not go–Sunday was the only day I could sleep in after working 60 hours–and now I am disabled to the point where I can’t work. I’ve claimed that as a reason I couldn’t go either, because the pain medication I have to take to sleep causes me to have trouble getting up in the morning. A valid reason, but I really just gave up on trying to go to church.

I have to be honest with myself and I want to pledge to be real.

I was shocked that our nation had gone so far away from God that we would re-elect a man who stands for everything God hates.

I used to care about what people thought above caring what God says in his word. No more. I was trying to be friends with everyone. Why did I think I could be friends with everyone? Jesus had haters, and I thought I wouldn’t?

I’m committing to speaking the truth in love. If it offends, maybe it was meant to.

Time to go to sleep so I can go to church tomorrow.



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